White deer hide buckskin, decorated with beaded medalion and horse hair tassels.
Pricing varies depending on size, hide costs, decorations and beadwork.
Each picture shown is supplied merely for an example of the various styles available to choose from. The individual items personally photographed are already sold, and are no longer available. Each new piece is custom made to order.

I am here to help you design your perfect Wedding Dress, or Pow Wow regalia. All types of decorative beadwork is available, in the colors and designs of your choice.
Please e-mail me for a quote, and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.
White deer hide buckskin, undecorated.
Deer and Elk Hide Dresses for Weddings, Pow Wow, Rendezvous and Renactors! Choose your own style and decorations!
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